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ODDA issue 7 Fall / Winter 2014-15 - Preview S/S 2015

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Reality is very subjective, one size does not fit all. An exclusive definition of

what is considered real is impossible to construct, and that is something I'm always taking into consideration. Dreams, expectations, ideas and creations are manifested under the direction of monumental creatives who envision their own dreams, and the unreal worlds that reside inside their minds.

A few months ago, while walking around New York City, I discovered a gallery full of sculptures suspended in the air. It depicted faultlessly the idea of being just another person in this big world: living a life, determining a destiny, and making the decisions specific to your own being, until you finally arrive at that desired place.
This is the very practice of LIMITS: every individual being has a unique capacity to determine their own distinct fate.

Fashion’s integral intelligences play with exactly that; limits are absent when composing a collection, show space, or intricate make-up and hair. The boundless nature of these aspects, within themselves, narrate a story through editorial photographs and live performance I wanted to represent this very movement of inspiration, from the geniuses of the past to those of the present, who effectively celebrate life and the dreams woven throughout it.
These aspects are what drive inspiration every day:

Massimiliano Giornetti illustrates the pure elegance of femininity, while Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana channel the culture of authentic Italian women.

Alessandro Dell'Aqua and the gorgeous embroidery throughout his collections, as well as the fantastic delicacy and research within the work of Dries Van Noten, give meaning to why we consider these designers notably unparalleled.!

For me, a fictitious world is one that cannot be experienced or developed by oneself without a tiny portion of madness. The visual effects of Alexandre de Betak, the creations and art pieces of Julien D'ys, and the world-renowned fragrances of Olivier Pescheux hand us the keys to experience this magic, if even for just a few minutes.

Similarly, editorial photography shines light on the representations and
illustrations that, for me, are the most beautiful things in this world. They show, like a painting by the hand of an artist, what people express beyond their physical existences.

The archives of a brand reveal something that once was, but perhaps no longer is a set of dreams that have been left behind. In this issue, we catch sight of what Prada represents through her most iconic pieces since the 90s. Leaving a tasteful legacy and alluding to an enchanted nostalgia in every garment, the brand emulates true brilliance and forces us to wonder how such creations are even possible.

I prefer to live in the tangible world, where I can close my eyes and listen to the earthly sounds around me. I have yet to experience a lack of abundance and am instead able to reflect on what I have accomplished. It is one of life’s most peaceful moments, serving as a reminder to show gratitude for the guidance I have received.

After leaving the gallery that day in New York City, I was reaffirmed that limits are reasonable as long as they are handled appropriately.
To determine a life without risk, or to live in a reality based solely on comfort, minimizes the chances of experiencing the exciting moments that revering can bring.

Through this F/W14-15 and S/S 15 preview, we invite you to experience our ‘unreal world’ the essence of ODDA and the current state of fashion, through a modern, current lens.

Never surrender your hopes and dreams to limitations.! !!!


Stephanie Hall @Models1 in Prada by Philip Meech and styling by Hope Von Joel

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