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ODDA issue 6 Spring/Summer 2014 - Preview F/W 14-15

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Returning to the birthplace of Odda is a grounding experience, one which allows me to reminisce on the conception of the magazine…what it is, and where it began.

Beginnings are difficult, both professionally and of course, personally; but with ODDA’s progression, there is evidence of deliverance on our end, we can be sure we are creating a magazine which accurately reflects the raw passion involved from start to finish.

We believe that it’s important to dream and to always move forward, never allowing room for fear. To ensure that we are able to craft the best vision possible in an issue, it is important that we thoughtfully browse through every collection and every piece presented on the runway.

ODDA Issue 6 goes behind the scenes with some of the most esteemed ‘Dream-weavers’. We are proud to present interviews with designers that include: Jean Paul Gaultier, Nicola Formichetti, Alexis Martial, sound designer Michel Gaubert, and visionary stylists like George Cortina.

A definite stand out in this issue is our feature with Vivienne Westwood as well as the S/S 14 Louis Vuitton collection by Kim Jones, both highlights of the issue.

Additionally I had the privilege of working with Ben Allen, whose impeccable taste you’ll be privy to in the pages that follow

Four different covers:

·Lidia Judickaite in Atelier Versace by Robert Jaso
·Ton Heukels in Calvin Klein Collection by Sonia Pueche
·Vika Falilleva in Miu Miu by Sy Delorme
·Lyoka Tyagnereva & Joe Collier in Thom Browne F/W 14-15 preview by Arnaldo Anaya-Lucca


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